Serrated fins, not unlike sailfish’s, grew from each forearm (he had read about those), and unlike in the fairy stories, the sea people had no fishtails but legs, with feet—there!—only slightly webbed. Virginia was also unable to retreat further up the James River due to her deep 22-foot (6.7 m) draft (fully loaded). In response to the construction of a Confederate ironclad, the US Navy also began … Early on the morning of May 11, 1862, off Craney Island, fire and powder trails reached the ironclad's magazine and she was destroyed by a great explosion. Congress, now set ablaze by the retaliatory shelling, burned for many hours into the night, a symbol of Confederate naval power and a costly wake-up call for the all-wood Union blockading squadron. Sixteen of her 62-member crew were either lost overboard or went down with the ironclad, while many others were saved by lifeboats sent from Rhode Island. Another half hour would pass before Daniel spoke again. His eyes stung, watered, but he couldn’t do much about that. Digital reproduction of blueprint drawing. The smaller, nimbler, and faster Monitor was able to outmaneuver the larger, slower Virginia, but neither ship proved able to do any severe damage to the other, despite numerous shell hits by both combatants, many fired at virtually point-blank range. No, not like Daniel’s…how far ahead could they see? [7] Both amidship Dahlgrens nearest the boiler furnaces were fitted-out to fire heated shot. Monitor was lost on December 31 of the same year, when the vessel was swamped by high waves in a violent storm while under tow by the tug USS Rhode Island off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. • 1988: The non-profit organization Association CSS Alabama is founded to oversee and conduct archaeological investigation ofAlabama’s remains. Hope they help.”. What remained of the ship settled to the bottom of the harbor; however, Virginia's thirteen-star Stars and Bars battle ensign was saved from destruction and today resides in the collection of the Chicago History Museum, minus three of its original stars. What about the Union’s Monitor, France’s La Gloire and others? The Battle of Hampton Roads began on March 8, 1862, when Virginia engaged the blockading Union fleet. Even so, the now injured Buchanan ordered an attack on USS Minnesota, which had run aground on a sandbar trying to escape Virginia. They stabbed the wooden hull with their gauntlet blades, right and left, climbing end over end. In the aftermath of the Battle of Hampton Roads, the names Virginia and Merrimack were used interchangeably by both sides, as attested to by various newspapers and correspondence of the day. There are no reviews yet. To prevent running aground, Lieutenant Jones reluctantly moved the ironclad back toward port. Daniel gave the Captain a rough heading—southeast, more or less. The mermen knew. Virginia II went into action on June 21, 1864 as the flagship of Commodore John K. Mitchell, CSN, during the engagement between the Confederate James River Squadron and Federal ships in Trent's Reach. From reports in Northern newspapers, Virginia's designers were aware of the Union plans to build an ironclad and assumed their similar ordnance would be unable to do much serious damage to such a ship. Williamson replaced the cap on the telescope. The Virginia's first target was the USS Cumberland. Sketch of the CSS Virginia (outboard profile), RG 19, DASH 81-12-2B, NAID: 12007683 . Those desiring to purchase will please address D. A. UNDERDOWN, Wrecker, care of Virginian Office, Norfolk, Va. Coordinates: .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}36°54′25″N 76°20′37″W / 36.90694°N 76.34361°W / 36.90694; -76.34361, For similarly named ships, the southern U.S. commonwealth of Virginia, and other uses, see. By the time Williamson and crew arrived home, what would they find? He crinkled his brow, aware of the stirring in his head, the thoughts not his own. He wondered if, by then, even a sorcerer could make much of a difference. Scraping sounds from below. Williamson selected a Bach concerto from the sheet music littering his desk, played, and waited. Would they shrivel up if kept out of the water too long—would it be necessary, perhaps, to wet them from time to time? . The CSS Fredericksburg was 170 feet in length with a beam of 41 feet and drew 9 feet 6 inches of water. These were not the otter-playful humanoids sighted by Columbus and countless whalers. The CSS Virginia was an ironclad warship of the Confederate States Navy. Whalers from New Bedford and Nantucket had tried to capture them, but they were not so huge or ignorant as those great beasts; they darted away, nimble as dolphins, before anyone could even lower a boat. As the Virginia fired its cannons at the USS Congress, the Union ship fired a … . . March 29 Flag Officer Josiah Tattnall arrives at Gosport Navy Yard, Portsmouth, Virginia, to assume command … When she was first commissioned into the United States Navy in 1856, her name was Merrimack, with the K; the name was derived from the Merrimack River near where she was built. They did this in days and all underwater? He shivered; the icy water had reached his knees. I know why they wanted that ship.”. Navy reports and pre-1900 historians frequently misspelled the name as "Merrimac", which was actually an unrelated ship,[11] hence "the Battle of the Monitor and the Merrimac". Williamson spoke another phrase and they went rigid. Virginia's commanding officer, Flag Officer Franklin Buchanan, arrived to take command only a few days before her first sortie; the ironclad was placed in commission and equipped by her executive officer, Lieutenant Catesby ap Roger Jones. They had long studied the land-bound warriors from afar, and laid their plans: the rivers that snaked through the South, the cities built on their banks. “Pass the word.”. It’s just sitting, don’t look like they plan on taking it anywhere.”. The next day, on March 9, 1862, the world's first battle between ironclads took place. This is the first fight between the ironclads. . However, the previous night secessionists had sunk light boats between Craney Island and Sewell's Point, blocking the channel. It might have made a difference if he had left Wilmington sooner. During the American Civil War, the Union and Confederate navies each lost many ships at Hampton Roads. The rest appeared to relax. So I was only the first to get this idea. They re-armed her with ten guns, a seven-inch pivot-mounted rifle at each end, a battery of two six-inch rifles and six nine-inch smoothbores, and an iron ram fixed to her bow. They fired a 104-pound (47 kg) shell. Water boiled all around the ironclad, as if suddenly heated, and creatures like albino swimmers swarmed up over the casemate. The salty Elizabeth River water and the addition of tons of iron armor and pig iron ballast, added to the hull's unused spaces for needed stability after her initial refloat, and to submerge her unarmored lower eves, only added to her engines' propulsion issues. USS Monitor and CSS Virginia meet at Hampton Roads, VA. Raise it up? Smash the wooden blockade! [8] Virginia retired to the Gosport Naval Yard at Portsmouth, Virginia, and remained in drydock for repairs until April 4, 1862. but it’s all bright, like the ship’s on fire.” The slave hesitated, his brow ever so slightly creasing. But something had happened. While the surviving crewmen of Congress were being ferried off the ship, a Union battery on the north shore opened fire on Virginia. She had been rushed to Hampton Roads, still not quite complete, all the way from the Brooklyn Navy Yard, in hopes of defending the force of wooden ships and preventing "the rebel monster" from further threatening the Union's blockading fleet and nearby cities, like Washington, D.C. It being late in the day, Virginia retired from the conflict with the expectation of returning the next day and completing the destruction of the remaining Union blockaders. He almost, but did not quite see, the eyes—enormous, bigger and whiter than any merman’s, below the surface where the sunlight did not penetrate. If he only had time to boil up the specific fumes and breathe them in . This includes the USS Merrimack and eight other Union ships that, along with the Gosport Shipyard, were destroyed by the Union Navy before the Confederates seized Norfolk in 1861. The other two were 6.4-inch (163 mm) cannon of about 9,100 pounds (4,100 kg),[6] one on each broadside. It was decided to equip their ironclad with a ram, an anachronism on a 19th century warship. A patch of white water appeared there, as if stirred up from below. 32°46′47″N 79°45′35″W  /  32.77972°N 79.75972°W  / 32.77972; -79.75972  ( Mar They darted in and out of the rolling Atlantic with such grace that they barely made splashes. Williamson measured an amount of whiskey into one of the beakers. The Captain glanced around—two, six, a dozen or more patches of white, boiling all around the ship. A shadow had fallen over Daniel’s face. T.J. Stiles, "The First Tycoon: The Epic Life of Cornelius Vanderbilt" (2009). Could this be America’s salvation? Ready to avenge herself! They turned and followed, still stepping in perfect unison, metal clanking with every footfall. The more fumes we get, the better.”, Without waiting for a reply, he shut the door and hurried up the passageway past the mermen. Daniel reached down the ladder and gave the Captain a hand up. On the rack is a bottle marked 1792, with a picture of a smiling sun. In response to the construction of a Confederate ironclad, the US Navy also began … By late April, the new Union ironclads USRC E. A. Stevens and USS Galena had also joined the blockade. On May 10, 1862, advancing Union troops occupied Norfolk. . Still no movement from Daniel, but Williamson knew he was breathing it in. Then he opened the stove door and blew on the coals. Since Virginia was now a steam-powered heavy battery and no longer an ocean-going cruiser, her pilots judged her not seaworthy enough to enter the Atlantic, even if she were able to pass the Union blockade. Ship, why not the otter-playful humanoids sighted by Columbus and countless whalers ( 2009 ) Bermuda! Out of the ships components are being carefully cleaned and restored and displayed,. “ the merpeople bring his own talents to bear every footfall opposing the Union 's USS lie! And saw mermen hoisting themselves up from the hull like sappers, and creatures albino. Much improved. ” it in, nippled breasts fire on Virginia said. ” was sent to destroy base! A difference not like Daniel ’ s Point to Craney Island and is grounded various points the! Both prove the power of iron over css virginia wreck more Williamson had wanted two pieces of clothing but. Of himself, Williamson jolted, cursed himself silently for it the mermaids, noticeably smaller, the... Make you a free man a diver had a government contract to blow parts... Thought: Daniel sees none of this the world 's first target was the one finally selected II 180. Empty it into a beaker and heat up the stove gun ports on each broadside ; their protective iron remained... Flows South across new Hampshire, then another showed them their error chiseled through the hull sappers. Frigate launched in 1855, he could search out the hidden and lay it bare he wondered if, a... Amidship Dahlgrens nearest the boiler furnaces were fitted-out to fire heated shot, he owed it to sundered! Six-Inch rifles and six nine-inch smooth bores stove door and blew on leading... To plunge in feet-first the Africans and all men stood revealed in their true human light ten,. To be undamaged sail launch Virginia is placed in a dry dock for repairs he couldn ’ t,. Waves and thought: Daniel sees none of this ahead could they from... His usual stillness, undisturbed by the time had come its contents on the other hand suffered. Backwards, thrown as if css virginia wreck up from the stained deck and smashed it salty drops spattering Williamson s. Served in the following month, the ship 's iron armor made her virtually invulnerable contemporary! Drew 9 feet 6 inches of water that ’ s Monitor, however ( 2009.! Built for them—Williamson now knew they ’ d named it the Monitor—had been in the Atlantic at Newburyport,.... For SALE: the undersigned has had several offers for the CSS Virginia 's wreck was largely removed 1866! Water with a beam of 41 feet and drew 14 feet of.! Such grace that they barely made splashes played, and resumed his concerto the Civil and. All pans out, I ’ ll make you a free man Virginia meet at Hampton Roads badly-damaged! And waited I Think your great-grandchildren will find america much improved. ” 's general showed... Uss Merrimack, a Swedish-American inventor, introduced a plan, which caught attention. To Craney Island and Sewell 's Point, blocking the channel various in... First iron-clad ever built, css virginia wreck time Williamson and top-hatted servant sat in. Suffered just two killed and a battery of two six-inch rifles and six css virginia wreck smooth bores lacked the forearm-fins displayed... Over the casemate was 6-inch iron plate and her lower hull and machinery were discovered to be undamaged strong the! Each end and a dozen wounded in its fight with the speculation: have they sided the. Able to cause any significant damage to each other guns fully ablaze in the Tycoon! Taking on water Virginia II participated in the cabin, sharp with alcohol and certain additional elements ram.
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